Stage 1

I begin by wedging the clay which prepares it for throwing on the wheel.  I use an electric wheel and after drying pieces to leather hard stage they are then turned and finished.  Adding feet on bowls and handles to mugs and jugs.  When the work is completely dry it is bisque fired to 950 degrees centrigrade.  After this the work is glazed using a mixture of commercial glazes and glazes I have made myself.  It is then fired to between 1260 and 1280 degrees centigrade in my gas kiln in a reduction atmosphere.  

Stage 2

I rely very much on the reduction firing to produce the effects on the clay and glaze that I want.  I aim to draw on that natural process rather than engaging in too much decoration as  my real love is to see what the clay and glaze can do in reaction with each other during the firing process.  

Stage 3

I usually work in cycles of wet work, glazing and then firing, the whole process taking about a month or a little longer depending on the time of year (work dries more quickly in the summer so the process speeds up a little).  I welcome any questions about my work.